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Does Any Service Have ‘Everything’? No!

If you want to keep up with sports, your favorite shows, and watch movies, you’re going to have to subscribe to some sort of television service, as it’s difficult to pick up all the stations you need with a TV antenna. Most areas have a few different options, including new fiber optic services like AT&T U-verse, but the two staple services throughout the country are either cable or satellite? So which should you choose? Click here for additional info! If cost is the biggest factor, consider cable might be best for you because you can package your internet service with your service. Otherwise you may be looking at two bills, one for internet and one for TV, and you can usually get a discount on your high speed internet service if you choose to go that route.

Cable claims more HD channels because of their ability to serve HD “On Demand” content, but Satellite services generally have more actual HD channels to choose from. Dish Network provides very high quality HD at 1080p resolution on certain channels, which is the same as Blu Ray, where as the resolution on cable seems to be much more compressed. In the HD arena, Satellite is a clear winner. Also, standard def content on satellite is much clearer with it’s 100% digital signal. Not many people actually watch shows when they’re on, many of us watch recorded TV using a DVR. DirectTV, cable, and Dish all provide customers with DVR service with a set top box, but which is the best?

After the award winning TiVO, it looked like nothing would compare, but Dish’s ViP range seems to be a winner. The new version even lets you watch whatever is on your DVR remotely using it’s “slingbox” service. The DVR from DirecTV (in this area) doesn’t offer similar service at the time of writing this article, and neither does the Motorola DVR box that most cable providers offer.

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